Travel Tips and Information

 Packing Essentials:

ID,Credit Cards and/or Cash.Health Insurance Cards and information as well as Emergency Contact Information (forms provided at boarding).

Mobile Device and Charger- Our phones are our means of communicating, our camera and our computer so be sure you bring your charger to stay charged! Head phones and or Ear Buds if you prefer a quiet time of listening to music, etc.
Health items such as prescriptions or OTC medications if needed, hand sanitizers in travel size bottles are handy and don’t forget your eyeglasses,prescription,readers or sunglasses!

Swimsuits if you are inclined to use hot tub or pool facilities if applicable. A small tote style umbrella can be very handy! This is Oregon and we are “green” for a reason! :-). A light jacket or sweater or windbreaker with a hood is easily packed.Comfortable shoes for walking. Dress casual.

 Don’t forget to pack a smile and get ready to sit back,relax and Enjoy the Ride!

To Book :




  • "Enjoy the Ride"
  • Pack it Right!


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