Central Oregon Plus Day and Overnight Tours From Medford

Sunset at Crater Lake


Crater Lake Tour~Upper Rogue Day Tour Option

The Incomparable Crater Lake

Our Rogue River Gorge and Crater Lake Tour is a mini option of our Central Oregon Plus Tour. This tour departs Medford and takes the Scenic Highway 62 North and East past the quaint town of  Shady Cove. Shady Cove bills itself as “The Gateway to Crater Lake ” and the “Jewel of the Upper Rogue “.

Summertime Blues


As we leave the arid climate behind we climb into the forested area past Prospect, Oregon and make our way to the scenic Natural Bridge for viewing the Lava Tube and The Rogue River Gorge just north of Union Creek.

Natural Bridge ~ Rogue River ~ A Brave Kayaker plunging into the Rogue just below Natural Bridge!

Natural Bridge on the Upper Rogue River Gorge

Rogue River Gorge ~ A Sunrise View


Just north and east of this lovely area we will head up  to Crater Lake . Known for it’s deep blue waters the lake partly fills a nearly 2,148-foot deep caldera that was formed around  an estimated 7,700 years ago by the collapse of the volcano Mount Mazama. There are no rivers flowing into or out of the lake; the evaporation is compensated for by rain and snowfall at a rate such that the total amount of water is replaced every 250 years. With a depth of 1,949 feet (594 m),the lake is the deepest in the United States.

There will be time for a tour of the Lodge and exploring the wonders of all that Crater Lake has to offer. Optionally ,depending on road and weather conditions , we may drive the Rim Route for 33 miles of scenic exploration.The American Automobile Association has cited Rim Drive as one of the ten most beautiful roads in the United States.

There are some choices for our lunch at the Lodge ,Rim Cafe, as well as Annie Creek Restaurant and Gifts located 7 miles  from the Lake. , or perhaps a stop at Beckie’s for lunch or a piece of the world famous Hucklebery Pie when in season would be preffered. Click on the photo below for additional options.

Crater Lake Lodge Dining Room

Beckie’s ~ Home of the World Famous Huckleberry Pie !

Crater lake Lodge Rocking Chairs

The Perfect Way to View Crater Lake !

 Relax Outdoors or Indoors on Chillier Days!

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Following our tour of the Majestic Caldera we now know as Crater Lake we head home on our return journey. What an incredible opportunity to reflect upon the incredible scenery that lies within a days journey of the Rogue River Valley, a day that transports you to a whole other world, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A time to reflect upon the beauty of the State in which we have the pleasure of living and calling home.


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 Our Fun and Adventure Filled Crater Lake and Rogue River Gorge Day Tour rates are $149.00 per person.*

                                                                         *  Tours are subject to cancellation if weather is not conducive

                                                   * Admission fee to Crater Lake included

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OregonScenicTours.com  strives to make or tours as comfortable and relaxed as possible for our clients. We try not to adhere to a particular time schedule as we want you to be able to fully enjoy what the tour holds in store and at the same time leave time for our restroom breaks and lunch and make sure we get the full spectrum of everything our tours offer. Tours depart at 9:00 am.

Our Central Oregon Plus Tour from Medford is an overnight option that entails a panoramic highlight from the Rogue Gorge to the Willamette Valley with an overnight in the beautiful city of Bend,Oregon.

Our Central Oregon Plus Tour begins in Medford,Oregon.Heading Northeast on Hwy 62  we’ll follow the path of the Rogue River.

We will have a busy day scheduled as we will stop at Natural Bridge on the Rogue and Crater Lake, before we head to Hwy 97 where we will exit to the Cascade Lakes National Scenic Biway for 66 miles of incomparable high mountain lakes and river vistas.

Click on the photo for additional information on this scenic stretch.
The City of Bend is the center for most of the attractions in Central Oregon. 

If you click on the photo below you will find links on the history of the city of Bend as well as visitor information

Our first day concludes with our overnight stay in Bend. After breakfast the following morning our adventure starts with Smith Rock State Park .

Comfortable walking shoes are a must on all our tours. Although we do not “hike ” per se, we do want to explore the lovely scenery and that will entail some walking on some paved trails and others that may be dirt or gravel.

Smith Rock -Terrebonne, Oregon

Our journey continues to the quaint town of Sisters, where you will find shopping, art galleries, restaurants, ice cream shops and more.

From Sisters our tour continues to the gorgeous McKenzie River portion of our tour.

We will head West on Hwy 20 through the McKenzie River Corridor for a scheduled stop at the beautiful Sahalie and Koosah Falls for an easy walk for viewing these arguably two of Oregon’s most beautiful falls.

Sahalie Falls is the first of the falls with an easy walk to view the falls. You can either opt to ride in the van to Koosah Falls or it’s an approximate 1/4 mile hike from Sahalie falls to Koosah Falls through a marked trail through peaeful forests along the Mckenzie River.

Even though the McKenzie River originates in Clear Lake, just a few miles upstream, the river sustains a very significant volume all year long thanks to the large drainage area to the northeast which consists largely of plains of lava flows. Water doesn’t linger on the surface and seeps underground, forming one of the larger aquifers in Oregon, then it all emerges in springs around Clear Lake. The result is one of the most consistent rivers in the northwest.

Sahalie Falls is the first and tallest of three major waterfalls along the McKenzie River. This sheer plunge of 73 feet is broken into two segments when the river is running at its highest volume but is more commonly a single powerful plunge. Sahalie is by far the most famous of the large waterfalls along the McKenzie, as illustrated in the falls being used in the Disney movie “Homeward Bound”.

Sahalie Falls derives it’s name from the Chinook Tribe.Sahalie is a Chinook Jargon word meaning “high”.

Sahalie Falls


Koosah Falls

Spreading out over a wide undercut basalt ledge, the river thunders 64 feet into a huge pool with several small springs feeding into the river adjacent. The volume of the river greatly changes the appearance of the falls. In modest flows during the summer, the falls appear as one or two segments, but during the peak of snowmelt, the river spreads across the whole ledge, becoming a 70 foot wide wall of ear-splitting roar.

Koosah is a Chinook Jargon word meaning “sky”, a possible homage to the crystal blue color of the river.

An optional stop depending on time restraints is stopping to view the Goodpasture Covered Bridge near the town of Vida as we head west towards Eugene/Springfield area.

The Goodpasture Bridge is one of the most beautiful and most photographed covered bridges in the state. Designed by the State Highway Department and built by Lane County, the classical and timeless architecture of this bridge is accentuated by Gothic style windows on both sides of the structure.

At 165 feet, the span is the longest covered bridge in Oregon still in daily use. 

Goodpasture Bridge

Goodpasture Bridge ~ Is the second longest covered bridge and one of the most photographed covered bridges in the state.

We have had a busy and exciting day filled with camera ready scenery at every stop! Time to hop on I-5 and head south for our trip back to Medford.


Our trips are not on a timed schedule as we want to be flexible with our times and itinerary. Times of departures on our stops and arrivals at our ultimate destinations may vary. Our desire is to be flexible and spontaneous to make the trip enjoyable for each of our passengers. We are not rigid but we will be timely when it comes to how much time is spent on scenic stops, restroom breaks and meal times.

Our Central Oregon Plus Tour is priced at $179.00* per person,per day .

*( hotel, meals, and attractions,if applicable,excluded)

Tours are subject to cancellation if weather is not conducive.

We have a number of hotel options in the Bend area depending on availability at time of booking. Room options from cozy and quaint to premium river and mountain view. We take care of the arrangements for you. Meal options are flexible depending on the mood of the group!

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  • Crater Lake
    Crater Lake
  • Bend Balloon Festival
    Bend Balloon Festival
  • Drake Park- Bend
    Drake Park- Bend
  • Natural Bridge Rogue River Gorge
    Natural Bridge Rogue River Gorge
  • Sahalie Falls- McKenzie River
    Sahalie Falls- McKenzie River
  • Sparks Lake Sunset
    Sparks Lake Sunset
  • Sparks Lake-Central Oregon
    Sparks Lake-Central Oregon
  • Natural Bridge-Rogue River
    Natural Bridge-Rogue River
Tours are subject to cancellation if weather is not conducive.

  * Meals & Attractions fees are not included

For Available Dates Click or Call the number below:



 or email to


OregonScenicTours.com  strives to make our tours as comfortable and relaxed as possible for our clients. We try not to adhere to a particular time schedule as we want you to be able to fully enjoy what the tour holds in store and at the same time leave time for our restroom breaks and lunch and make sure we get the full spectrum of everything our tours offer. Tours depart at 9:00 am.

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